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Large Official Canada Logo on 12.5" Red Charger with 2 Gold Bands!

Beautiful porcelain with the official Canada 150 logo and dates celebrating Canada's 150 years.

Limited Supply.

​First come first served.

​Because of gold rim, these are NOT dishwasher safe or microwave safe. Our print is safe but the gold will come off, and who wants to lose their gold down the drain.

​Each plate is numbered and we are only making less than 500 of them. When these are sold out, its over.

​​​Not sold or available anywhere else.

​$250.00 per plate. Phone orders only 1 855 410 8797


All plates will have the official Canada 150Birthday logo in food safe and permanent ink.

Printed ink is 100% food grade and has a 150 year warranty not to fade or scratch off.

These plates are decorative and also fully useable.

Canada 150 Gold rimmed plate.

Stunning 24kt (yes, its real gold) double banded (on inner and outer rim of gold)

These plates come in different sizes. And different gold band placements.

Some 24kt gold on single band and others double band.

All our  print is dishwasher safe and microwave safe but these gold rimmed plates should be hand washed and not placed in a microwave.

7.5 inch double gold band (on the outside rim like picture shown below) $89.95

9.62 inch double gold band (on the outside rim like picture shown below) $99.95

10.62 inch double gold band (on the outside & inside rim like picture shown on left) $109.95

12 inch double gold band (on the outside & inside rim like picture shown on left) 149.95

10 inch single "thick" gold band plate (see below) $199.95

11 inch scalloped single gold band on the outside rim (see picture below) $219.95

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Add your name to back of bowl

Canada 150 Birthday 12.6 oz. Mug

This white porcelain large mug will show your true Canadianism and why not. Your coffee/tea gives it that taste, when you are drinking out of your official Canada Day 150 Mug with a

"Happy Birthday Canada" on the inside of the mug.  These mugs are stackable.

$30.95 each 

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Canada 150 Birthday 6 inch bowl

This white porcelain bowl is perfect for soups or cereal, with our official Canada 150 logo which will not come off or turn back to white or fade.  This logo print has a 150 year warranty on the print.  Dishwasher Safe & the inside says:

"Happy Birthday Canada"

$39.95 each

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Canada 150 printed on these plates.

11 inch scalloped trim on the rim 24kt gold plate. (on left)  $219.95

Also 10 inch "Thick" Gold Band 

(on right)  $199.95

Official Logo Porcelain Dinner Plates & Mugs

12.5 oz. stackable porcelain mug.

With a photo of CN tower and a

Canadian Flag on the inside.

Truly Canadian.

Designed and Printed & Made In Canada

Get yours personalized with your name

or text on the handle!  example "Bob's Mug"

or "We Came Aug 2016"

Canada 150 Birthday 7.8 oz. Cup & Saucer

This white porcelain with elegant handle with

the official Canada Day 150 logo on the cup

and a "Happy Birthday Canada" in the cup.

$39.99 each including saucer.

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Canada 150 Birthday 24 kt Gold Plate

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​Canada 150 Birthday